Pretty face dawning three year old innocent eyes,

But, because of the chicken and milk she looks about five.

Her Pull-Ups are on, not yet mastered the potty,

And, mom and dad are always telling her she’s a hottie.

Even at 3 her body is her worth,

The song comes on and she begins to twerk.

She bouncing her little pampered behind,

Hands on her knees she’s on her grind.

Mama and daddy screaming “get it,”

She puts her hands on the ground and she spins it.

She puts on her mama’s heels and puts her hands over her head,

She drops it like its hot cuz it’s what her mama said.

Her aunts and uncles stand around drinking and laughing,

The women in low tops and the fellas pants sagging.

It’s evident Brenda had a baby,

And, she isn’t raising this young one to be a lady.

This is a future dancer of the night,

With no real future in sight.

Because she’s being taught at an early age,

Her body is only worth a meager wage,

Of dollars thrown from the hands of men,

Shaking that ass in the den of sin.

We think it’s cute to see her grind and wiggle,

But, when Brenda’s baby has one at 12 it won’t be shits and giggles.

It’ll be a testament to an ongoing cycle,

Of how the black female body was branded “ho” as a title.

She’s not reading bedtime stories or learning her ABC’s,

She’s learning how to get on her knees.

I’m not going to ask when it stops,

Because we are the ones who have control of the clock.

Turn the beat off and tell her she’s a queen,

Whose pretty face and intelligence should only be seen.

Give her a pen, some paper and a book,

Give her a new look.

And, she’ll become an attraction because of her beautiful soul,

Not because she has a wet hole.

No more three year old hoes,

Beautiful, young princesses is what I propose.

Because without a race of young, knowledgeable sisters,

We can’t produce future productive Mrs. and Misters.

J. Prince, Princepality 88

Three Year Old Hoes


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