I Want to Write for You


I want to write for you,

And allow my words to make me a griot like my ancestors of a foreign land I call home,

And let the people rest at my feet,

Just as the children gathered around before bed in that distant land so long ago.

I want to tell stories just as they,

Telling prophecies and making parables that inspire dreams,

Dreams where wishes, mysticism and celestial beings become reality,

Linking forefathers and mothers with future sons and daughters,

Making my literary cipher a catalyst for exceptional change,

For the children of the Diaspora.

For many of the readers are like children and behave as children do,

And, they need to be taught with a firm hand and a heart of love,

With words that drip with empathy and understanding,

So they accept my words as truth.

For the message is not of the world neither of its religions,

It is not about hate or chaos, often causing meaningless war,

But of guidance and principles that reflect the 42 laws and the 7 principles,

Because a people never became independent by being passive.

So, I want you to sit at my feet,

And listen to my words as they are anointed by those who came before me,

Listen just as children do,

So when you stand, you stand as men and women do,








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