This One is Not About Trayvon Martin, per se


I am currently a man with many thoughts but no words to speak. Social media, newspapers and other journalistic mediums, political officials, and every one else has stated their opinion about the George Zimmerman case except me. And, I refer to the case as the George Zimmerman case because this case was more about humanizing George Zimmerman while dehumanizing Trayvon Martin.

I had nothing to say because we, as African-Americans, have a great deal to say about anything that deals with race relations. We blame the court system, we blame racism, we blame George Zimmerman, and for many, we blame God.

We have discussions about what we need to do. We should riot. We should protest. We should call our politicians.

We have discussions about how shocking the verdict was. I cannot believe they let him get away with this. I cannot believe that a jury of all white women and one Hispanic, both akin to George Zimmerman, could say he isn’t guilty. I cannot believe this travesty in American History.

Then, we started to point the finger at ourselves, but not in a constructive way, but to denigrate ourselves.

“All this black on black crime and we get in an upheaval when a white man shoots a black man. We need to complain about black on black crime, that’s what we need to do.”

My mama used to always say, “niggas got something to say about everything.”

Well, by no means, am I calling my race of people niggers, niggas, or what have you, but I do recognize that we have a great deal to say but our actions do not equate to how much we have to say.

No, I’m not telling you to go and shoot George Zimmerman. Neither am I saying to riot in the streets and burn down whole communities and I’m not even telling you to go to Capital Hill and stage a protest. 

What I am saying is within our conversations we need a real solution to the problem. I didn’t speak on the issue because I got tired of consistently saying the obvious. Yes, America does not value black life, especially the lives of black men, in general. They proved that back in 1619 when they put you on ships packed like sardines and made you shit and urine in your draws. They made that obvious when they would kill a black man because they didn’t feel like his work equaled what they paid for him. And, they proved that when they wrapped nooses around your neck and had your dick for dinner.

History proves that in this country, and in many others, black life has no more value than the American dollar.

So, the question becomes, what is the solution? I have a couple and I’m sure many of us will not like the solution because both involve leaving “massa” and his jobs and his quality of life; however, it is something to be considered.

1. Many of our forefathers were smart enough to maintain acres of land and they created wills that insisted that their children live on the land. For example, in my family we have over 100 acres of land in my mother’s hometown. Why not build our own houses, create our own businesses, and create our own small government and live separately from American government? Why not create our own lives and our own world right here? 

(And, please do not leave comments that say we’re too divisive to accomplish this goal. What we put our minds to we can accomplish.)

2. Move back to Africa. Yes, I know Marcus Garvey tried with medium success, but if we all bought land in a developed or even an underdeveloped area of Africa and ensured we had the right medical necessities to sustain life until our bodies became accustomed to the land, I think we would be ok.

(Please no comments about Africa and its destitution, etc.)

And, I’m not saying let’s all pack our shit and book flights tonight or let’s get some wood and start building tomorrow. Any change for the positive takes a methodical approach and time.

That is really all the solutions I have for now; however, I want to say this. For over three hundred years the government in this country has shown us that we are not a valued group in this country. We are this country’s ultimate consumer and that is the reason why we are ‘tolerated.’ It is the simple truth. 

We should not have to live a second class citizens always vying for the affection of our former masters. It is ridiculous and we look like fools to the rest of the world because we continue to repeat the same cycles. 

I have seen more truth in this quote as I become older and wiser, “…the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

One final note. Just to make a point. I am not saying that this case or the case of other slained African-Americans is excusable, by any means, but I do want to say that as we “progress” economically and professionally we have the desire to move into these suburban neighborhoods. We lavish in our big homes with granite countertops, wood floors, crown molding and wooden staircases when we are fully aware that our white counterparts who live next to us are not enthused by our presence. Then something like what happened to Trayvon happens and we are appalled that it happens.

It is one thing to have hope and wish for the best, by all means, please keep positive spirits about life. Meanwhile, wake up and smell the shit in your yard that’s keeping your flowers fresh. You are no more safer in these neighborhoods than you are in a well developed black neighborhood. This isn’t the first case of this kind and neither will it be the last unless we make some changes within our race. 

So, now that I’ve come up with solutions I decided to provide my two cents instead of just stating the obvious. And, I do think that within the next six to seven years I will be making some firm decisions about which option I will choose because I feel an urge to leave this country, as it is not my original home, anyway.


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