How to Deal with a Disgruntled American

I am very aware that racism still exists and this will not be a post where I shamefully choose my words carefully to be somewhat politically correct. It is bad enough that I censor myself, yes, I know you’ve been reading my blog and you ask yourself, “he censors himself?,” yes, I censor myself, so imagine what I’d really write most of the time if I didn’t. Side note, clearly, I am neither referencing the rules of composition and grammar in this post.

I’m quite tired of the bullshit. People killing themselves because a black man got a second term, muufuckas (yes, muu…not mother) writing petitions to secede from the Union, which I’m not even sure whose bright idea is was to call this a “union” anyway, how much unity do we really have, and then on top of all that, reporters deliberately ask questions that are simply disrespectful of POTUS like, “why don’t you develop better relationships with those in the HOR and Congress?” Bitch, don’t ask him some stupid shit like that. They don’t much like HIM and comments they make about him “developing better relationships” with them is to make HIM look like the bad guy in this political situation.

I’m not mad. I’m not.
I’m not shocked. I’m not.
No, I’m not.
And, no, I’m not saying this to convince myself, but what I do realize is that all of these things have to happen because the world is about to change and it is about to change DRAMATICALLY. So much so, within the next twenty years things will never be the same. As whites have become the minority in population in America and as they slowly become the minority in the White House, many of them are going to truly fight for their “power” back and what we will begin to see is a movement within the white community that will go beyond extremism and we have to be ready for that.

And, if you are white and you are reading this, and you are not one of those “hippie, liberal” white people that white Republicans and some white racists refer to educated white people, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

So, now, what we have to figure out is what to do with these disgruntled Americans. How do we in the very near future put a cap on the dropped soda bottle that is currently America before the cap bursts open and some shit gets fucked up.

Well, I took a little time to research, how do you deal with disgruntled employees. And, I found five major steps, Mr. President and you fellow beings who live in America, to manage disgruntled employees. And, if “Open Forum” (OF) doesn’t mind me borrowing some of their steps and tailoring it for you guys just so we can have some peace in the midst of the nation changing. ‘Cause as my boy Sam Cooke says, “change gonna come.”

1. Professionalism-ALWAYS DEAL WITH DISGRUNTLED AMERICANS IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER. The first thing that O.F. says to do when dealing with a disgruntled employee is to always stay calm and professional at all times. No matter how stupid that disgruntled employee acts always keep your composure (AND IN THAT ORDER!).
-When dealing with a disgruntled American, please, always stay calm and professional. The POTUS, for some reason, really deals with disgruntled Americans quite well. He always stays cool, calm and collective. He might have even made some sympathetic remarks when the salon owner killed himself. Yea, I’m sure he wanted to just say, (in my Obama voice), “if the dumb muufucka wanted to kill himself cause I’m back in this bitch, sobeit). But, I’m sure he didn’t. You do the same. If in conversation while dealing with D.A. just stay calm, shake your head, and no matter what, always keep calm. If you feel like they are threat, calmly slap the shit out of them or….I’m sorry, no, wrong advice. Please call the police and ask for a black or Latino officer.

2. Don’t Let It Fester-WHEN YOU FIRST SEE THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM, ADDRESS IT IMMEDIATELY. Now, Mr. President does this but not as much as I would like. I mean, he picks his battles and yea, he ultimately won the war (well, this war); however, he needs to nip this shit in the bud and say, “Aye, I’m the President. Get over it. Back to your regularly scheduled program.” For you, though, if you come in contact with a disgruntled American ask them what their fucking problem is and how you can assist them in getting over their fucking problem.

3. Keep It Private-INSTEAD OF ADDRESSING A D.A. IN PUBLIC, DO SO IN PRIVATE, NEVER GIVE A PUBLIC DISPLAY! Unless, absofuckinglutely necessary. I’ll say this. I’m sure POTUS (I like to call him POTUS, now that I know what it stands for…little better than Mr. President or President Obama…well, maybe not better than President Obama because then you have to say his name [SN: What if he got on FOX news and made every reporter say his name, like, “say my name you FOX bitches, what is it, President Obama! say it!”–excuse me as I have visions inspired by God] deals with disgruntled representatives and senators all the time and I’m sure its done in private. But, for you, take the little D.A., pull him or her to the side, and hash it out. Maybe you can make a change in the midst of change! (That line was so inspiring, I may create a Twitter account just to tweet it. [Don’t steal my shit]).

4. Document Everything-LAWSUITS HAPPEN ALL THE TIME, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Well, this doesn’t really apply (thanks F.O. for not realizing I was going to use your points on your website to write a post on my blog, idiots) but I will say this…keep newspaper clippings, bookmark links, keep a record of everytime somebody shoots themselves in the head because of the election results. It’s history in the making. You can talk to your kids about these historical moments.

5. Don’t Empower Them-IF YOUR DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE HAS THE COMPANY STALLED WHILE EVERYONE TRIES TO DEAL WITH HIS OR HER DRAMA, THEN THEY ARE BEING EMPOWERED. Meaning, POTUS, address it, solve it, fuck em. For you fellow beings who live in America, address it with your D.A., solve it (or tell them to stfu) and fuck em.

Simple as 1, 2, 3 (4 AND 5, well, maybe not 4 so much, but definitely 5).

President Obama is not the end all to be all, or whatever the damn phrase is, and he is not a God by any means; however, if Romney had been elected those who did not vote for him would be highly upset, raging mad, probably throwing plates and shit at the TV as he does acceptance speeches and bullshit, but we would NOT be taking this as extreme as the opposite side has now that Obama is back in office.

I’m telling you guys, and it was just confirmed by my barber who is one of the most intelligent men I have ever met, the world will not be what you know if it in the next 20 to 25 years so either do what your boy did in Florida (in my Nas voice–shoot em up, shoot em up) or accept the change.

Good Night America and sweet Democratic dreams!

J. Prince, Princepality 68


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