Love and Hip-Hop: Lesson 2: How I See These Women

From the title you probably think that this is going to be a post about what these women are doing wrong, how they are portrayed on the show and the media, and the negativity that surrounds their “characters” on this reality show. I think that if you have followed my blog over the past couple of months since its inception you already know or have an idea of how I see the world so I will not waste words on denigrating these women any further, but what I do want to do is maybe reverse some of the negative stereotypes about these women and share how I see them. I’ll do this by pegging how I see what they “could’ve” been.

After watching the reunion and really seeing these women in a different light I want to discuss what I see in them and how, if things had been different, what I think they would have accomplished.

Joseline-THE LAWYER.

Joseline has the uncanny ability of sharing her thoughts without reservation. Her background as a child stripper who essentially had to grind to make a living and support herself because her parents abandoned her and her brother is really a testament of what young men and women have to do to survive. Not live, but simply survive. With that background I see her being an advocate for young people who have experienced the same childhood she has experienced. She would be a beast in the courtroom defending young people who have committed crimes or fell into the trap of the trap. She has a hard sensitivity about her that would make young adults realize that they chose the wrong path in life. In addition, she would be able to discuss with them how to be fit, take care of their bodies and commit to a lifestyle of redemption. Because she wouldn’t let any of those girls “go back to the strip club!”


The first thing I realized about Erica is that her child comes first. As much bullshit that she is willing to put up with from Scrap she always thinks about how his actions and her reactions to his actions will affect her daughter. And, she handles conflict well. She will stand up for herself but will not allow the usual ratchetness be a factor within her resolving her problems. I think in a classroom she would be able to relate to her students and have a genuine love for them encouraging them to do well both personally and academically.


No, not the vice president of a country, but of an independent business that thrives on small businesses through marketing. I don’t really know why I see this in her. Maybe its because of her proposal to Stevie J regarding his business or because of the way she carries herself, but I think that if she were to take that energy and invest it in a business she would run it well. She seems stern but fair. She is understanding and her ability to connect with others around her would be an asset to any company.


Lies, or not lies, K Michelle decided to use her experience through domestic abuse to affect change in young girls explaining that they do not have to accept being abused to have a man. I saw her genuine concern for those young girls and I think that she has the upbringing to relate to young black girls. Her “realness” would be appreciated in a woman’s shelter or a non-profit organization that is dedicated to assisting families who are going through transitions such as a divorce or a wife leaving their homes due to abusive situations.

Rasheeda-THE RAPPER.

Yes, I know she is already a rapper. But, I think that a great deal of Rasheeda’s music, or that I’ve heard, is very cliche and I think that she is so much deeper than the lyrics she rhymes in her 16 bars. I think that she dumbs herself down because she feels it is the way to success in the industry. She has a masculinity about her that, if channeled correctly, could make both men and women want to buy her records as long as she produces the right image. She reminds me of MC Lyte who has an androgynous feel that made her successful with both male and female rappers. I’m not saying she has to be all black power, but if she made “message” music I think she would be very successful.


Don’t laugh. I’m just being honest. Karlie is a little fake. I mean, let’s be real. However, that would be appreciated in the world of business. She knows how to smile and keep her composure even when in the face of conflict. She would be able to provide world renowned customer service and if under the direction of a CEO or leader of a business she would be willing to satisfy him…LOL…in many ways.

I think these young ladies have been swindled into doing this show and although….I’m sorry, I said I wasn’t going to do what I am about to do so I’ll leave on this note. Always use the negative experiences in your life to build a life that is both positive and that affects change.

J. Prince, Princepality 66


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