The Simple Joys of Life

In the age of technology I’ve noticed that too often we trump being in nature over being on our computers consistently twittering or facebooking or internetting and the problem with that is we lose our connection to Mother Nature. And, when one cuts his ties to his mother he loses a certain guidance and I think that as we log into our computers and our internet accounts or play video games for hours on end and do not get out of the house and simply enjoy the simple joys of life–that is nature, we do not reach our full potential as human beings.

Before technological advances our mom’s (for 80’s babies) would put us outside, lock the screen door and yell, if you gonna stay outside stay outside. Our parents, without us realizing it or sometimes even our parents who used our front yards as free daycares, is that we were not only able to connect with the adolescents of nature, that is hanging from trees we could reach to climb or playing in the grass enjoying football or dodge ball, we developed a relationship with the environment urging us to take care of the world God gave us. It is no wonder global warming and littering has become an essential problem in our country.

Today, after a long day of work, it was so soothing just to sit outside and hear the crickets chirp or watch the insects play amongst themselves in the grass and the side walk. It is amazing all of the creations that God has granted us that we too often take for granted.

So, instead of logging into your Facebook when you’re “bored” as I see bored posts, which I can’t understand as there are so many activities we can be participating in, go outside and just watch and listen to nature. It provides a peace that our computers just can’t help us achieve.

I write. And, one of the most relaxing and rewarding experiences is to sit by a body of water and write to my heart’s content. Although a fire sign, which I do enjoy writing by a bonfire or a small fire pit, beaches, oceans, and rivers often soothe my senses and opens my creative sensibilities and then—the world becomes my oyster.

J. Prince, Princepality 63


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