Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Nas is back…

The proudest moment I’ve ever had as a Nas fan is when I heard “Ether” for the first time. I am currently a fan of Blue Magic or Blue Sea or whatever the kid’s name is father, but I have always been a Nas fan first. I’ve had so many debates about my loyalty to Nasir Jones especially when comparing him to Jay-Z, but like Denzel’s furious four, I too am a great debater.

I digress.

Nas is a walking contradiction and that we can be sure of, but one of the reasons why I’ve never stopped representing God’s son is because he is dedicated to struggle. He identifies with black nationalism while also representing Hip-Hop and his uncanny ability to mesh the two and allow others to see that they can identify with both has always been my attraction to his music.

(Insert Oochie Wally here)

Most people use some of songs, his lyrics, and his creation of ‘The Bravehearts’ as a means to destroy his rep as a conscious rapper. However, the one thing I realize is that we are walking contradictions. As the quote on Black Star album goes, “my conditioning has been conditioned my brother!” And, so as much as we learn about black history and the plight of the African-Americans in this country every now and again we still succumb to the temptations of the world in which we live.

“It’s in a black person’s soul to rock that gold…”-Kanye West

In saying that, Nas has also been through a rough couple of years. The loss of his mother, the debaucle over calling his album “Nigger,” the birth of a baby but the loss of a wife with a very nasty divorce, a rap battle with an artist with a very large following, and the criticism of him not wanting to be a commercial rapper. That is why I am excited to say Nas will be dropping his next album, ‘Life is Good’ summer of 2012.

Let me tell you why I am excited. Because in his own words, “I’m excited to see what comes out of me,” and that excites me because from that quote you know he is going to be challenging himself in the studio. In an interview Nas discussed his thought process before he began recording for the album. It seems he wanted to sideline the hardships in his life to mask the detrimental effects of those events in his life. But, he came to the realization that all of his trials and tribulations and the struggle that lies within those trials could be the saving grace for his fans.

Nas is the Hip-Hop Mary J. Blige.

We always wish Mary the best, but we also know that Mary produces the best shit after she’s been through shit. And, therefore I expect this album to be the best shit we’ve ever heard.

J. Prince, Princepality 38

…interview about the album.

…just a reminder of his greatness.

…check out “Tha Don” from the new album


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