Key and Peele: My New Obsession?

I am a fan of Saturday Night Live. I watch New Girl regularly. The Hangover 2 and its predecessor are two of my all time favorite movies. Shit like Juno can entertain me for hours. But, for some reason, I thought that I would not stand Comedy Central’s new show, Key and Peele.

Key and Peele are two biracial comedians that Comedy Central makes direct deposits to be ultra sarcastic about various political, racial, and economic issues. Upon first glance I thought to myself–corny! Well, I have realized, not just in this post, but in a post written earlier, that I am too corny because I think I laughed for a full 30 minutes.

I guess for many people who check the box Black on applications Soul Plane and Madea tickle their fancy, but somehow, most times these types of films and television shows that reflect this type of humor just doesn’t do it for me.

So, tonight while relaxing I decided to give Key and Peele a test run. The first thing out of their mouths, “we’re both mixed, half white, half black.” Ok. You got me because now I am about to see how you are going to play this race card (a cliche I hate with a passion). The next thing they discuss is the difficulty navigating race because they are both biracial.

And, to fast forward, by the end of the show they disclosed the best thing about being biracial. “The best thing is that we have the best of being both races because we know some people who have small penises and sickle cell.” Now, that’s hilarious. If you want to make light of stereotypes, what’s a better way.

During their skits they brought attention to the fact that ultimately Lil Wayne has been come a commercial rapper who when sent to prison got stabbed a couple times, hid behind the police for protection but still got jacked. Oh, and the funniest part, Lil Wayne (in the skit, but maybe real life) says after being tazed by the officer and stabbed like 18 times by another prisoner, “…oh, so you gonna pick on the little guy, huh, it’s like that?” And, then a midget inmate stabs him in the leg like ten times and he refers to the midget as, “…and that ironic little motherfucka right there!”

And, as stated before, music is an underlying theme, but so is politics as Obama skits reveal some of the funniest ways of looking at President Obama. Well, we all know Obama to be a practical, calm, patient man who deals with issues in a peaceful, but stern manner. But what is he really thinking when motherfuckas really piss him off? Well, let’s ask “Luther,” President Obama’s anger translator that never gets the chance to speak publicly.

While discussing international issues this is what Obama would say:

Obama: …to the governments of Iran and North Korea we once again urge you to discontinue use of your Uranium Enrichment programs.
Luther: Machmud, Kimjohn, I think I done told yall, 86 ya shit bitches or Imma come and do it for yall!

I believe Key and Peele are going to a mainstay in the world of comedy. They deal with real issues and although no Kevin Hart, they are in a class of comedy of their own.

Check them out!

J. Prince, Princepality 34


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