Columbia High School Love…

Being a high school freshmen is a period in our lives that we will never forget. After learning about the birds and the bees in middle school, the awkwardness of being a 7th grader alone was enough, and experiencing the horrific period in our lives that we like to refer to as puberty, being a high school freshmen was like the beginning of the end of our childhood. Our emotions strung so high cannibus couldn’t compete and just as the lonely stoner did, so did we make bad decisions academically, personally and socially.

There is no wonder why teenagers have various outlets to deal with this confusing time in their lives. For me, writing was my outlet. In fact, by the end of my sophomore year of college I had collected over two binders full of poetry I had written since my freshmen year in high school. That is why I wanted to give one of the students who participates in one of the after school programs I teach an opportunity to ‘publish’ one of his pieces as a PRINCEPALITY. Check it out:

Our Love

Our love is like metal,
It shall not break nor crumble,
But if it rust,
Let it rust,
Showing that we’ll grow old,
With our love.

If it bends,
Let it bend,
Showing that our live,
Will endure,
Til the end.

Alonza Blanding, Columbia High School, Columbia, SC, c/o 2015, Princepality 24


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