You Betta Recognize!!!

I’m sure if you’ve run into anybody who has a true appreciation for Hip-Hop they told you the story of Kool Herc and how he brought Hip-Hop to the grimy streets of the Bronx by sticking the plug of a record player in the light poles and lit the lives of young people across the borough by this element in Hip-Hop we all call DJing.

But, fast forward some thirty years later and it is no longer the DJ at the center of the stage, its rap artists dawning heavy diamond chains (yes, some rented), sagging skinny jeans, and bleach spots in their hair. And, one begins to wonder just how Hip-Hop got over?

Hip-Hop has survived it’s trying times and obvious image changes by the way of the disc jockey. With his hands he can make a beat machine his pimp coupling synthesizers and live instrumentation that carry not only weak lyrical stances by many superficial artists, but even the strongest in the Hip-Hop game.
Ahh, yes, the refreshing sounds of the free style all acapella, but how great it is to hear how the beat compliments the voice of an artist.

And, although Hip-Hop culture has lost its way at times with derogatory lyrics that degrade women, boost the value of a dollar over ultimate financial health and wellness, and emphasizes the importance of materialism and violence over family and community, it was the DJ who kept the true meaning of Hip-Hop close to the streets of the Bronx where its foundation lay.

And know this is not a way of splitting the family of Hip-Hop apart, it is just a recognition of the DJ who helped keep the family together. We all realize that sometimes we hear a new Hip-Hop record and we hate the song, but for some reason, it seems to resound in our subconscious for days. Nine times out of ten it is the beat that keeps you consciously aware of why your subconscious just can’t let that song go.

And, yes, most DJ’s have excellent beat making skills, but they are really the ultimate master of the turntable keeping our cups filled and our feet moving at any social event we attend. With hands of grace and precision a DJ can scratch a record and get the crowd jumping being the ultimate Hip-Hop hype man.
For years, rappers have paraded their machismo across stages world wide trying to gain the recognition and respect of the Hip-Hop community, but we gotta recognize the man behind him, the DJ, the one who started it all.

Take a peek at some of these very successful and local artists who call the first peach state (SC) and the state with a Queen as its city (NC) home.

J.Prince, Princepality 8

(Click on the pic to visit their FB for website, booking, and touring info…)

Dee J Strategy

DJ Babyface

Carolina She-Jay

DJ Kryptonite

DJ Shok

DJ Puff


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