Course: Film 101, Instructor: Jay-Z, Institution: School of the Hard Knocks

One day back in undergrad a kid called me eclectic. I had never thought of myself as eclectic until I went home that day and looked in the mirror. I had on an orange Bob Marley shirt, with ripped fatigue shorts and the bottoms cut into boxes like the top of a castle, some orange chucks with fatigue shoe strings and a beanie (in the middle of summer). Yes, I then had to accept my eclecticism (for a lack of another word created to express what is eclectic).

No wonder I would love this video created by eclecticmethod of who gives you a history lesson in film by Blue Ivy’s daddy himself, Jay mother fuggin Z!

Check it out!

-J.Prince, Princepality 4

99 Problems In Film (EM) from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

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