A Houston Valentine

I avoided discussing Whitney Houston and her death because it has become such a topic among other blogs, news media, and television headlines. But, when I learned that Bobby Kristina had taken her mother’s death so hard that it affected her physical well-being I decided to address, not Whitney’s death, but her love for her daughter and the future for this little girl because of her love.

Besides years of exploitation by news media and the betrayal of many fans because of an obvious and admitted addiction to drugs, Whitney’s first love was music. With a voice some would say all to cliche, angelic, Whitney’s bond with lyrics and musical notes was beyond ionic. But, it was after she gave birth that she found another type of love and that is of her daughter, Bobby Kristina.

For years, many picked on the uncanny resemblance Bobby Kristina shared with her father, it seemed she was the female version of the gap toothed star who taught us to listen to our perogatives. But, Bobby Kristina is definitely no laughing matter. With parents who are both major elements in the world of rhythm and blues, Bobby Kristina seems to be the next great performer.

From appearances as her mom’s Little Ms. Hypeman to her youtube gone viral videos singing songs written and performed by international greats like Adele, Bobby Kristina seems to be well on her way into stardom and it was all because of love. A mother’s love.

Yes, watching her family act ‘hood’ in the middle of major department stores and ‘classy’ restaurants on Bravo years ago as cameras followed them documenting every moment of their lives may have seemed debilitating to her potential singing career, but I have high hopes for the young songstress.

So, in honor of Whitney’s unforeseen death, we make this a Houston Valentine keeping Bobby Kristina in our prayers hoping that this tragedy will be the catalyst to her reaching her full potential just as her mother did.

-J.Prince, Princepality 3

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